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- OOC: Dates and the Berenian Calander -

This Section is OOC (Out of character)

Dates in the Bugle follow UK rather than US format - thus 25-08-515 is the 25th day of the 8th month of the year 515.


The first publication of the Bereny Bugle came in the year 515 in the reckoning of the Kingdom of Bereny. It is not recorded anywhere in the Annals of the Kingdom what event marked the Year 1 - the calendar was already well established by the Time of Thunder (which lasted from 88 until the establishment of the Kingdom of Bereny in 106), and virtually all records from before were destroyed during the Time of Thunder.

King Mark III came to the throne in 486. Since his death (505 ?) the Kingdom has been ruled by his cousin, Dirk Steadfast, initially as Regent, until he was finally crowned King in 516. The heir to the throne is Earl Dickon, the son of King Dirk and Queen Juliette (who is a cousin of King Mark in her own right).


There are 12 months in the Berenian calendar, with New Year at the Winter Solstice. The months are named as follows:

1  - Wulath - The month of the Wolf (= January)

2  - Croth - The month of the Raven (= February)

3  - Hengestath - The month of the Horse (= March)

4  - Earnath - The month of the Eagle (= April)

5  - Leoth - The month of the Lion (= May)

6  - Eylpath - The month of the Elephant (= June)

7  - Naedrath - The month of the Serpent (= July)

8  - Nicorath - The month of the Crocodile (= August)

9  - Havocath - The month of the Hawk (=  September)

10 - Hearotath - The month of the Stag (= October)

11 - Beranath - The month of the Bear (= November)

12 - Dracath - The month of the Dragon  (= December)

It should be noted that these are month names of my devising (although Steve has approved them) so they should be considered only semi-official. I created them because it didn’t seem right to be using months named after Roman Emperors for Bereny.