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- OOC: About the Bugle -

This Section is OOC. IC & OOC stand for ‘In character’ and ‘Out of character’.

The Bereny Bugle - OOC

The Bereny Bugle is a news service for the fantasy TBG (Turn Based Game) DungeonWorld, run by Madhouse UK. The Bereny Bugle is edited by Ian Edwards and is independent of Madhouse UK.

DungeonWorld is (to my knowledge) the longest continually running commerial RPG game in the world, as it has been running since 1998. I’ve been playing since 2000, and the Bugle has been chronicling events in Bereny since 2007.

‘An Old Soldier Writes’ (among other stuff) is contributed by Keith Nixon. Thanks also to Stewart Vachal and Greg Croff for their regular contributions.

DungeonWorld is © Madhouse UK. For more information about DungeonWorld and TBGs please look at Madhouse’s website. The TBG format is also known as Play-by-Mail (PBM), but Madhouse have adopted the new name to reflect the evolving nature of the format.

Although the Bereny Bugle seeks to adhere to the highest journalistic standards, it cannot guarantee the veracity of anything on these pages. Anything that appears here should be regarded as a player-created work of fiction. Madhouse's policy towards such is as follows:

Stories written by players;- have NO basis in reality, are not to be taken as fact, are not to be assumed to be spoken aloud by the player involved, are not valid parts of the hierarchy of the game, are not to be incorporated in organisation or player actions. If a player wants to make a point that is valid, they will have a character speak it as an announcement, not post it as a story. Stories are just that, enjoyable flavour written for fun and for others to enjoy. They should be considered as OOC amusement. If you really feel the need to use them IC and if they seem appropriate then the most they can be considered is vague rumour & heresy. And THAT is the official policy.

Or to put it another way, pretty much like certain newspapers I could name in the real world.

Images used on this site come from a variety of sources on the web. For the most part they have been used without permission but not for the purposes of profit. Where ever possible I have credited them to the original artist/owner, preferably with a link. Some photographic images have been digitally manipulated to make them look more like paintings, in keeping with the theme of this site. There is a collection of Links here.

Contact The Bugle

Contact Ian at <iane ‘at’>.

Dates used in The Bugle

The dates used to give stories a dateline in the Bugle are in the Berenian calendar. See here for more information about this.

Becoming a Reporter for the Bugle

I welcome other players becoming involved with the Bereny Bugle by nominating a character to become a reporter for the Bugle. Characters who are officially nominated to be working for the Bugle receive ‘reporter’ status. Once assigned a reporter can no longer issue 'T' 'G' or 'D' orders until they resign their position. If a reporter resigns their position, they cannot become a reporter again later. Reporters can teleport up to 200 squares across a map in a single order.

If the editor (ie; me) feels that the Correspondent is failing to file enough stories, they can be ‘fired’ and will loose the reporter status.

It is strongly recommended (by Steve) that reporters should be "non-name" characters (characters that aren't already famous for something else) as reporters really wouldn't be the big heroes and lords, etc. Crusader characters would not be appropriate as their loyalty is always going to be to their crusading Order first and foremost. Although I’m not specifically banning Guild membership, they should definitely not be or become officers of a Guild.

If you are interested, apply to The Editor at <iane ‘at’>.

Advertising in the Bugle

The Bugle can be used to advertise in-game services such as Guilds, services, traders, etc. Adverts will be carried on the page margins so they need to be ‘portrait’ shaped and fairly compact. Send me either some text (the maximum that will fit in the border without being unreadably compacted is about 50 words) or a graphic 162 px wide and between about 300 and 600 px high. If you want to include a link, tell me what it is.


Thanks to other contributers to the Bugle, of whom there have been many, but especial thanks to Stewart, Keith and Greg.

Thanks to Steve, Madhouse Chief Surgeon & DungeonWorld GM, for his support & suggestions. And for talking me into doing it in the first place!

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