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For ‘Real World’ information about the Bereny Bugle see here.

What is The Bereny Bugle?

The Bereny Bugle is a news service which strives to keep the people of the Kingdom of Bereny informed of current events throughout the Kingdom and beyond. Incorporated by licence of the Royal Courts, the Bugle is published by Hyde & Seyke Media Services of Crownheart.

However the Bugle is not an organ of the Crown and has full editorial independence within the law of the Kingdom.

The Bugle is printed at our two main offices at Crownheart and at Poldoon. Our immense printing presses represent the cutting edge of publishing technology, and are capable of cranking out thousands of copies of the latest issue. Our Crownheart Office, thanks to its location on the banks of the River Selia, uses a giant waterwheel to power its presses, while at Poldoon the latest advances in steam-power are employed. Copies are then distributed around the kingdom by MagikMedia™.

A copy of the latest issue can be purchased direct from our offices using the order 'B' '8510' for the bargain cost of 1gp.

The Bereny Bugle welcomes and encourages submissions of letters and news stories from members of the public, and of press releases from official organisations. However the editor reserves the right to edit any submissions as he sees fit, and to refuse any submissions that he feels to be abusive, slanderous, in poor taste, irrelevant, misleading, inaccurate or just boring.

Contact The Bugle

Contact the Editor at <iane ‘at’>.


The Bereny Bugle can carry adverts for Guilds, traders and other commercial organisations. For information about advertising in the Bugle see here.    

Working for the Bugle

The Bereny Bugle has positions available as reporters and correspondents for suitably skilled and qualified individuals. An excellent remuneration package is offered to successful applicants. An ability to write coherently is a must, as is a willingness to travel. Some danger may be involved. If interested see here for further details.